Morihei Ueshiba demonstrating ken no kamai
Morihei Ueshiba performing ikkyo pin
Morihei Ueshiba Kaiso
Corallini Shihan performing kote gaeshi
Saito Shihan performing irimi nage
Saito Shihan performing ryokata dori kokyu nage
Saito Shihan performing yokomen-uchi tanren

Takemusu Aikido Forest Row


Takemusu Aikido Forest Row has been dedicated to traditional Aikido practice since 2009. The training follows the Iwama Ryu pedagogy as taught by Morihiro Saito Sensei, where there is a balanced emphasis on empty-handed (taijutsu) and weapons techniques (buki waza).

To learn more about what Aikido is, please follow this link.

If you would like to come along to practice you are welcome to join the Tuesday evening class.

For the Friday morning weapons class, please make prior contact so as to confirm the training location as this takes place in the Ashdown Forest and is weather dependent (e.g. heavy rain).

Schedule & Locations



Peter Griffits Hall
(small village hall)
Lewes Road
Forest Row
East Sussex
RH18 5ES



Ashdown Forest


£30 per month.

There is also an annual insurance and registration fee of £25.


It is a requirement for all individuals who wish to train at TAFR that he or she has suitable insurance. Upon expressing a wish to continue practicing after an initial training session, a membership form will need to be completed, which includes an insurance fee of £20. This fee will cover the practitioner for 1 year. TAFR is a member club of the Aikido Research Federation, which in turn is a full member of the British Aikido Board, a National Governing Body of Aikido within the UK.


Nicolas de Knoop

Nicolas de Knoop

I began studying Aikido in 1990 and achieved Iwama-Ryu Aikido dan grades through Saito Sensei and Dr. Paolo Corallini Sensei in tai-jutsu and buki waza in 1996 & 1997 respectively. I am fully insured and a registered Aikido coach with the British Aikido Board (BAB).






Club Membership

TAFR club membership requires an annual registration and insurance fee of £25. From the below links, please download, complete, and bring to class the form that is applicable to you. For new members, two passport size photographs are required along with the completed form. Please don't forget to sign your form!

New Student Membership

Student Membership Renewal


The basic equipment required for students are a keiko-gi (training uniform), a bokken (wooden sword), and jo (wooden staff). These products can be bought from a variety of sources. When purchasing a bokken however, please could you make sure that it has a squared off Saki (tip). This is for safety reasons.

To assist with your weapons' purchase, please find recommended links below:


The Bokken below is the Aikido Daito 103cm from Nine Circles on-line shop.


For the thickness of the Jo, 2.5cm is recommended, as well as the white oak. If you are over 6 foot in height, then you may consider the XL Jo which is 135cm long.