Films & DVD’s

In the modern age we are very fortunate to have filmed documentation of Aikido. It is really an invaluable resource in the study of Aikido, especially for new generations of Aikidoka. It is possible to see and hear the Founder of Aikido, and to be able to study along with direct disciples who are unfortunately no longer with us!

Since first putting together a list of DVD’s available for purchase (2015), much has changed! Aikido Journal for example, no longer operates a store from where you can purchase physical DVD’s, all has been moved to paid streaming services. Further, most films on Aikido are available online, for example on YouTube. In an effort to create a reference library for visitors, please see the following pages (which will periodically be updated with new content).

O’Sensei Films
Saito Sensei Films
Iwama-Ryu Sensei Films


There are numerous books on Aikido and its practice. Here below is a selection of recommended books, although most are quite difficult to come by. Some titles can be purchased as eBooks from Aikido Journal, you may need to contact them directly!


by Morihei Ueshiba

A must read for all Aikidoka!


by Morihiro Saito

A commentary on the 1938 training manual of Morihei Ueshiba.

Traditional Aikido

by Morihiro Saito

5 volume set from the 1970’s.

Takemusu Aikido

by Morihiro Saito

5 volume set from the 1990’s.


by Morihiro Saito

Small technical manual featuring katatedori techniques.


by Morihiro Saito

Small technical manual featuring koshinage techniques.

Aikido: It’s Heart and Appearance

by Morihiro Saito

Small book introducing key techniques and concepts.


Aikido websites have been available online since the early 1990’s. Some of the earlier sites are The Aikido FAQ and Aiki Web. Today, basically every dojo will have their own site, like the one you’re on now! Please find below some worthwhile resource links. For links to specific Iwama Ryu Aikido dojo’s, please find them on the Iwama Aikido page.

Aikido Journal began as “Aiki News” in 1974, founded by Stanley Pranin. Mr. Pranin was the editor-in-chief of Aikido Journal until his death in 2017, and was undoubtedly the worlds foremost Aikido historian. He authored and published several books and hundreds of articles about Aikido and Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu, Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, and his students. Aikido Journal is now led by Josh Gold who is the Executive Editor. Hundreds of articles and interviews can be viewed for free, they also offer paid services, a streaming TV and online academy.

Saito Sensei – From Iwama to the World is a lovely little site serving as a central place for Iwama students to share more informal and personal photos and memories of Saito Sensei.