Morihei Ueshiba demonstrating ken no kamai
Morihei Ueshiba performing ikkyo pin
Morihei Ueshiba Kaiso
Corallini Shihan performing kote gaeshi
Saito Shihan performing irimi nage
Saito Shihan performing ryokata dori kokyu nage
Saito Shihan performing yokomen-uchi tanren

Takemusu Aikido Forest Row


There are numerous books on Aikido and its practice. Here below is a selection of recommended books. Some of these works are difficult to come by, an internet search is your best bet. For some it is possible to purchase them as eBooks at Aikido Journal.

Budo by Morihei Ueshiba


by Morihei Ueshiba

A must read for all Aikidoka!

Budo by Morihiro Saito


by Morihiro Saito

A commentary on the 1938 training manual of Morihei Ueshiba.

Traditional Aikido by Morihiro Saito

Traditional Aikido

by Morihiro Saito

5 volume set from the 1970’s.

Takemusu Aikido by Morihiro Saito

Takemusu Aikido

by Morihiro Saito

5 volume set from the 1990’s.

Katatedori by Morihiro Saito


by Morihiro Saito

Small technical manual featuring katatedori techniques.

Koshinage by Morihiro Saito


by Morihiro Saito

Small technical manual featuring koshinage techniques.

Aikido: It's Heart and Appearance by Morihiro Saito

Aikido: It’s Heart and Appearance

by Morihiro Saito

Small book introducing key techniques and concepts.


In the modern age we are very fortunate to have filmed documentation of Aikido. It is really an invaluable resource in the study of Aikido, especially for new generations of Aikidoka. It is possible to see and hear the Founder of Aikido, and to be able to study along with direct disciples who are unfortunately no longer with us! Much of this material is available on-line (for examle on YouTube), however TAFR encourages all to purchase the DVD's as this ensures that further material can be made available in the future.

DVD - Divine Techniques: Morihei Ueshiba

Divine Techniques: Morihei Ueshiba

See the founder in action! Aikido Journal has made most of the surviving footage of the Founder available on DVD.

DVD - Aikido: Morihiro Saito

Aikido: Morihiro Saito

This DVD is a compilation of 7 short films that was made in the early 1970's. All filmed inside the Iwama Dojo. These movies still inspire many Aikidoka and are an invaluable resource.

DVD - Lost Seminars: Morihiro Saito

Lost Seminars: Morihiro Saito

This is part of a 7 volume DVD set featuring seminars taught by Morihiro Saito between 1985 and 1994. It is an important Aikido archive, highlighting the detail behind the Budo created by Morihei Ueshiba.

DVD - Budo: Morihiro Saito

Budo: Morihiro Saito

This is a facinating display of the techniques of "Budo", a small book published by Morihei Ueshiba in 1938. Saito Sensei brings these techniques to life! An important document of some earlier forms of Aikido technique.

DVD - USA West Coast Tour: Morihiro Saito

USA West Coast Tour: Morihiro Saito

A wonderful production featuring Saito Sensei's tour of the USA in 1990. It is an 8 volume set, which includes important buki waza syllabus techniques.

DVD - Aiki Ken & Jo: Morihiro Saito

Aiki Ken & Jo: Morihiro Saito

Vital display of the Aiki Ken and Jo techniques of the founder of Aikido, performed by Saito Sensei. Filmed in the private dojo of Dr. Paolo Corallini.

DVD - Takemusu Aikido: Paolo Corallini

Takemusu Aikido: Paolo Corallini

Paolo Corallini demonstrates the entire taijutsu Takemusu Aikido syllabus, up to and including Yon-Dan. This is an invaluable reference in general, and especially for anyone preparing for grading!

Here below is a list of useful and interesting links to accompany the study of Aikido. For Iwama-Ryu sites specifically, please see the "Aikido in the World" section on the Iwama Aikido page.