Saito Sensei Explains Iwama Ryu Aikido

The video posted below is a great introduction to Aikido in general and to Iwama-Ryu Aikido in particular. Some salient comments contained in this video are:

* In Aikido there is no competition.

* The Aikido founder studied many martial arts and created Aikido. One of the main differences in Aikido is “hanmi” [i.e. stance – literally means “half-body”]…. No other martial art is based on this stance.

* There will be no error as long as your body movement is based on this hanmi stance.

* Iwama style Aikido can be learnt by anyone, male, female, young, old. This is simply because the techniques [of Aikido] are 100% logical.

* The history of Aikido is quite long, but the inter-relationship between weapons and empty handed techniques [ken-jo-taijutsu-no-riai] is only since 1945.

* Simply because of hanmi footwork, it makes your movement so quick and well balanced.

* Using these three components [hanmi (footwork), tai-sabaki (body movement), and kokyu-ho (breathing power)], try to use minimum power to create great effect, so that you can defend against many simultaneously.

* If you look at it [the attack], you can’t move it, because your intention and the other person’s intention clash. Just let it go!

* Training everyday is great fun for all students!

* After World War II, in the peaceful environment of Iwama, the Aikido Founder spent about 15 years to complete present Aikido as a perfect Budo (martial art). During that period the mind of the founder worked like a computer!

* When you do empty hand techniques always think about sword. When you do sword-work always think about empty hand technique.